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Magnetic Filter

Magnetic Filter magnetic frame has no energy consumption and no pollution, and can be installed at any position on the production line that can be in contact with materials.

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Magnetic filter frame (magnetic force frame) is mainly used to remove

ferromagnetic impurities in powdery and granular raw materials and liquid

or slurry, and is widely used in ceramics, electric power, mining, plastics,

chemicals, rubber, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection,

pigments, dyes, electronics, metallurgy and other industries.



The magnetic filter frame is made of high-quality stainless steel tube and

high B value rare earth alloy NdFeB, and is made by special production

method. And combine them on the fixed frame to form a magnetic filter

frame.  When the iron-containing substance passes through, it is attracted

by the magnetic rod, and the iron-containing substance is firmly adsorbed

on the pipe wall to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the safety

of the product.


The magnetic frame has no energy consumption and no pollution, and can

be installed at any position on the production line that can be in contact

with materials.

It saves space and is easy to install. It mainly uses rare earth and gold

NdFeB as the magnetic source. It has strong magnetic force, simple

structure, and long service life.

The specifications and styles of the magnetic frame can be customized

according to customer requirements and production site conditions.


The magnetic frame is mainly used to remove iron impurities in hoppers,

feed troughs, and floor spaces, and can effectively remove iron impurities

in free-flowing powders and small particles.

The magnetic frame is equipped with beautiful appearance and reasonably

distributed magnetic rods, which can provide a high-strength magnetic

field to attract iron powder, iron filings, and other magnetic small pieces

of metal in the flowing material. The high-grade stainless steel seamless

pipe and the outer frame form a solid whole through the skilled welding

of workers. It can be installed on the production line, or simply placed in

the hopper or material box, and can be easily taken out and cleaned. Our

magnetic stand is made of high-grade materials, the surface is

corrosion-resistant, and it can completely reach the cleaning level of food

and even medicine. Our magnetic frame usually uses magnetic rods with

a diameter of 25mm, which are arranged in parallel at a center distance

of 50mm.