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Magnetization Process

Magnetization process Magnets are produced without magnetizing, which indicates that the magnetic domains inside the magnets are randomly oriented, so magnetic flux values are not displayed somewhere outside the magnets. In order to display magnetic flux outside the magnet, we apply a strong magnetic field provided by another permanent magnet or solenoid magnetizing coil to the magnet to rotate the magnetic moment inside the magnet so that its direction points to the same direction. The strong magnetic field can also be generated by a fixture with a special magnetizing mode manufactured according to customer requirements and by a magnetic field between magnetic poles of the strong magnetic field. The magnetizing time of the used magnetic field can be a few seconds or only 5 milliseconds. When the applied magnetic field is strong enough, the magnetizing time will be shorter. ABM has all the magnetic charging technologies. Solenoid and electric matching clamps can magnetize magnets with an outer diameter of 150mm and a length of 200 mm. Multi-pole magnetized magnets need to specially make corresponding clamps. The cost of the multipolar magnet magnetizing fixture is several thousand RMB. Under normal circumstances, an analog fixture (for experimental purposes only) is established to magnetize for engineering estimation. If you need to discuss your magnetizing requirements with our experienced engineers, please contact us.