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Design Capability

Applied engineering Even if you have rich experience in designing magnetic solutions, our application engineers can provide technical and information support for your design throughout.  Our design process is as follows: 1. Conceptual design 2. Preliminary design 3. Prototype research 4. Optimization design 5. Trial production experiment 6. Confirm test support 7. Reduce costs 8. Additional capacity 9. Magnetic field waveform distribution 10. Magnetic property test aided design To assist your needs, ABM magnetic application engineers can provide designs including: 1. Magnetic modeling: 2-D, 3-D, asymmetric, temperature reliability 2. Design the relationship between sensors and application devices 3. Complex analysis includes studying the relationship between components, sensors at the release point and magnetic field waveform distribution 4. Angle sensor 5. Switch and latch circuit 6. Ratio/Line Sensor 7. Complex adsorption force calculation 8. insert and one-step molding design 9. Manufacturing Capacity Analysis 10. Verify the detection capability of the scheme