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Manufacturing and assembly


Manufacturing and assembly brief introduction To be precise, most magnets are not used as separate components. They are assembled with other components into a set of magnetic components, which are then applied to various fields of industry and market.  Look at the following cases to clearly illustrate the differences between them. For example, a magnet is applied to a motor of an automobile windshield, and ABM can provide magnets and components thereof to all market fields requiring magnetic materials and components thereof. Application case 1. Motors and Generators 2. Permanent Magnet Coupling 3. Sensors and switches 4. Solenoid and Supporting Devices 5. Wave Guidance 6. Magnetic recording 7. Wind turbine 8. Liquid water pump 9. HVAC damper positioning 10. Electric door lock 11. Traveling Wave Tube 12. Hard Drive 13. Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging 14. Hand-held electric tools manufacturing capacity ABM has several factories with engineers, technologies, instruments, equipment and materials that make magnets into devices or magnetic components.  They are located in Ningbo and Chengdu in mainland China. One of ABM engineers' special equipment is a dynamic balancer, which is used to balance the motor/generator rotor. In addition, the machining equipment includes electric spark and inner circle slicer in addition to end face grinding and outer circle grinding and diamond grinding wheel cutter. Quality is a key control element in the production process. The primary task of each operator is to observe strict quality standards and operate according to necessary instruments and equipment. However, some products require zero quality defects in the application process, so complex and precise instruments and magnetic field waveform distribution together with instruments designed by ABM engineers shall be used for 100% full inspection of the products.