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Enclosed Water Pump Magnetic Rotor
Enclosed Water Pump Magnetic..
Most of the diameters are greater than 20mm, which can effectively improve the performance of the water pump rotor. It can meet the performance requir..
Semi-open Water Pump Magnetic Rotor
Semi-open Water Pump Magneti..
Combining the advantages of open water pump rotors and closed water pump rotors, it can meet the performance requirements of water pumps in most cases..
Open Water Pump Magnetic Rotor
Open Water Pump Magnetic Rot..
Mainly rotors with a diameter below 20mm. Shaft material is graphite or ceramic..
 NdFeB Strong Magnetic Rubber Over Magnet Rotor
NdFeB Strong Magnetic Rubbe..
The use of plastic to wrap the rotor can effectively improve the anti-corrosion effect of the rotor and prolong the service life of the rotor...
Water Pump Rotor With Shaft
Water Pump Rotor With Shaft..
Materials: Injection molded ferrite + graphite shaft or ceramic shaft...