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Manufacturing and assembly
Manufacturing and assembly..
Manufacturing and Assembly Brief Introduction To be precise, most magnets are not used as separate components. They are assembled with other component..
Magnetization Process
Magnetization Process..
Magnets in the magnetizing process are not magnetized during production, which indicates that the magnetic domains inside the magnets are randomly ori..
Magnetic performance Testing
Magnetic performance Testing..
a)    Testing Items:Br,Hcb,Hcj,(BH)max,Hk,Ms,μrec, Hk/ Hcj and so on。..
Design Capability
Design Capability..
Application Engineering Even if you have rich experience in magnetic scheme design, our application engineers can provide technical and information su..
Design and Optimization of Permanent Magnet Structure and Materials
Design and Optimization of P..
Technical solution the background of motor stator or rotor design is not very clear about magnets and a large number of magnets are wasted. through ou..