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Application of ndfeb magnet in NMR imager

  Neodymium iron boron magnet, as the latest result of the development of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, is called "magneto" because of its excellent magnetic properties. Neodymium neodymium iron boron magnet is the alloy of neodymium, iron oxide and so on. Also known as magnetic steel. Ndfeb magnet has very high magnetic energy product and strength, at the same time the advantages of high energy density ndfeb permanent magnet material in modern industry and electronic technology has been widely used, so that instruments, electroacoustic motor, magnetic separation magnetization equipment miniaturization, lightweight, thin become possible.



  The advantages of neodymium iron boron magnet is high cost performance, with good mechanical characteristics; The disadvantage is that the Curie temperature point is low, the temperature characteristic is poor, and is easy to pulverize the corrosion, must adjust its chemical composition and adopt the surface treatment method to make it to be improved, in order to meet the practical application requirements.Advantages of ndfeb magnets:1. High precision of neodymium iron boron magnet: one molding can meet the requirements of precision, without too much post-processing.2. Ndfeb magnet has good magnetic property: the magnetic energy product is three times of that of the opposite sex ferrite, and the coericities are high, the magnetic property of mass production is stable and consistent.3. Good temperature stability: the operating temperature can reach 150℃.4, good corrosion resistance, good surface quality: the product is coated with epoxy resin and the most advanced Parylene coating, excellent corrosion resistance, the surface is smooth and beautiful, no foaming, cracking, peeling, flying edge, falling particles and other phenomena.Traditional applications of ndfeb magnets (loudspeaker, selector, permanent motor, VCM, MRI, etc.) have high market penetration, and the demand is in a stable growth period, with an annual growth rate of 5%-10%. And new applications (wind power, variable frequency air conditioning, energy-saving elevator, hybrid electric vehicle, automotive EPS steering motor) are the main driving force to promote the development of ndfeb magnet industry.The cost performance of today's mri imagers is more sophisticated than that of CT. The nuclei of various elements in human cells have nuclear magnetic moments, which can generate resonance under a strong magnetic field, because the normal human cell tissue and diseased cell tissue resonance time is different, through precise scanning analysis of the image data, to reflect the early microscopic lesions. But the device needs a strong magnetic field system to support it. Superconducting magnets should be equipped with a relatively high cost of ultra-low temperature system, the installation and maintenance is very complicated; Ordinary ferrite magnetic steel requires hundreds of tons of magnets to assemble and is very large and bulky. If the use of magnet king - neodymium iron boron magnet will not say big and bulky, two tons of magnets can be completed, 100 tons and three tons of comparison, the volume is certainly a lot smaller, in the guarantee of the same cost performance, small and light.