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Climbing Robot

Using magnets with high Br value, high Hcb value, high Hcj value, and high Bhmax value as the material of the assembly, not only has a strong adsorption force, but also has a high working temperature.

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Advantages of magnetic adsorption wall climbing robot:

High Precision:

The magnetic adsorption device can accurately control the position of the

robot on the wall, thereby realizing precise control of the wall.

High Flexibility:

The magnetic adsorption wall-climbing robot can walk on different walls,

such as brick walls, concrete walls, steel plate walls, etc., and has high


High Safety:

The magnetic adsorption wall-climbing robot can work at high altitude or

in dangerous environments, avoiding direct contact of personnel with

dangerous environments, and guaranteeing the safety of personnel to a

certain extent.

Low Cost:

Compared with traditional robots, the cost of magnetic adsorption

wall-climbing robots is lower, and the maintenance and repair costs

are also lower.  In practical applications, magnetic adsorption

wall-climbing robots have been widely used.  For example, in the

field of building construction, magnetic adsorption wall-climbing

robots can perform cleaning, spraying, and inspection of building

exterior walls;  in the field of industrial maintenance, magnetic adsorption

wall-climbing robots can perform inspections and maintenance of steel

structures, wind turbines, bridges, and other equipment.

Pull test across 2.5mm gap: up to 195kg