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Irregular shape bonded NeFeB Magnet

Special-shaped bonded ndfeb magnet is suitable for the field with high magnetic field strength, general mechanical strength and uncomplicated appearance. Compared with other isotropic magnets, the magnet has the highest magnetic property.

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    The element to improve the temperature stability is added to the magnet, and the temperature stability is good.

   Compression Bonded NdFeB magnet are isotropic and do not require magnetic field orientation in the pressing process, Among isotropic magnets, the magnetic properties are the highest, and the operating temperature is generally less than 170°C .

   Compression Bonded NdFeB magnet can be epoxy plated, available in black, gray and blue.

   Operating temperature range: -40-180°

    As for the structure and size, we can achieve a one-time molding height of up to 50mm (to ensure a good consistency of molding density and magnetic strength).

   One-time wall thickness: min. 0.35mm.(ensure good physical strength)Compared with sintered ndfeb,

Compression Bonded NdFeB magnet has more flexible magnetization methods, including axial inner and outer diametry-end face magnetization, radial and radial magnetization, and other special magnetization.