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Structure&Material's optimization and design

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Rotor or Stator design of motor
Due to not learn magnet, much magnet’s volume is wasting, by our diagnose, maybe we can help you save more than 15% magnet volume 
1.Reasonable magnet volume and magnet grade meet design requirement in order to keep min. cost but completely meet design requirement.
2.Optimum existing in order to perform cost down.
1.Calculating or simulation gauss level based on magnet grade, as following picture

2.Calculate Plug Torque(Tm) Based on gauss level and coil winding parameter.

3.Defined magnet’s Hci and coating requirement based on Working temperature, environment and reliability.   
4.Accessory and assembling scheme design
We recommend material & structure of accessory of rotor for motor and assembling scheme to our customer for reference. 
Magnet design for sensor


The basic principle and key parameter

1.Convert mechanical motion to an electrical output
2.Proportional magnitude 

5.Low voltage electronics compatible
6.Don’t require physical contact
7.No physical wear or tear
8.May work through sealed barriers
9.High reliability
10.Long life



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