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Designs capacity

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Complicated and highly efficient equipments require sophisticated engineering instruments and experienced engineers to acquire commercialized meritorious designs.

ABM Magnetic Engineering has the professional magnetic solutions performance you rely on to achieve timely and economical cost design projects.

Applications Engineering

In case you have experienced magnetic designs capabilities, our applications engineers are ready to support your efforts by the whole product R&D cycle including:

1.    Conceptual design

2.    Preliminary design

3.    Prototyping

4.    Optimization design

5.    Trial production experiment

6.    Validation testing support

7.    Cost savings

8.    Additional capabilities

9.    Magnetic field waveform distribution

10.  Magnetic performances inspection

Design Assistance

ABM Magnetic Applications engineers can assist your requirements design,For example:

1.    Magnetic modeling: 2D, 3D, radially symmetric, temperature reliability

2.    Design relationships to your sensors and application specifications

3.    Comprehensive analysis is consisted of researching the effects of the operate and release point of the sensors compared to the magnetic field waveform distribution

4.    Angle encoders

5.    Switches and latches

6.    Ratiometric / linearizing sensors

7.    Complex holding force calculations

8.    Insert and overmolding designs

9.    Manufacturing capacity analysis

10.  Measurement capacity to verify scheme


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