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Magnets finish the process in the un-magnetized condition when they are manufactured. That means the magnetic domains are randomly oriented at magnet inside so that external place of magnet don’t show an magnetic flux.

For making the magnets external show the magnetic flux, we apply a strong magnetic field provided by another permanent magnet or a solenoid magnetizing coil,to the magnet, to rotate the magnetic domains in the magnet so they all point to the same direction.

The strong magnetic field can also be provided by a fixture shaped to provide the specific pattern of magnetization specified by the customer or it may be generated the magnetic field between the poles of a powerful electromagnet. The duration of the applied magnetic field can be as long as several seconds or as short as 5 milliseconds. Shorter durations are typical when the applied magnetic field has to be extremely powerful.

ABM has all of these magnetizing technologys. Solenoid fixtures and matching electric-power supplies are available for magnets up to 150mm diameter and up to 200mm long. Multiple-pole magnets require specially built corresponding fixtures.

The cost of magnetizing fixtures for multiple pole magnets can be RMB several thousand Yuan,

Under normal circumstance, it is possible to build a prototype fixture (for experimental use only) to magnetize for engineering evaluation.

Please contact ABM to discuss your magnetizing needs with our experienced engineers.


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