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Exactly most magents are not utilized as a independent part,they are assembled with other components into magnetic components,then these devices are utilized applications (equipment) to serve needs within an industry or market segment. Looking at the examples in the lists below should help clarify the distinction in terms.

For example, a magnet might be built into a motor used to power a car windshield wiper in the automotive market segment. AIC provides magnets and assemblies to all of these market segments.

Devices Application Examples

1.    Motors & Generators

2.    Magnetic Couplings

3.    Sensors & Switches

4.    Solenoids & Actuators

5.    Wave Guides

6.    Magnetic Recording

7.    Wind-drivenr Generator

8.    Corrosve Fluid Pumps

9.    HVAC Damper Positioner

10.  Electric Door Locks

11.  TWT

12.  Hard Disk Drive

13.  MRI

14.  Portable Electric Tools

manufacturing capability

ABM has some factories with the engineers, technology, instrument, facility and materials to apply magnets to fabricate devices or magnetic assemblies. These factories are located in Chengdu and Ningbo city in china mainland.

One of specialized equipment available to ABM engineers is a Dynamic Balancer for balancing motor/generator rotors. Additionally, machining equipment includes wire EDM and ID slicing in addition to the usual complement of surface and OD grinders and diamond wheel slicers.

Quality is a critical control element in our manufacturing. Each operator is tasked to perform to rigorous quality standards and is provided all the instrument & facility necessary to do so. Nevertheless, some of our product is utilized in zero-failure tolerance applications and is inspected 100% using sophisticated measuring and magnetic field waveform distribution equipment, some designed and built by ABM engineers.


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