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  The SmCo permanent magnet have two types available: 1:5 type(SmCo5)&2:17 type(Sm2Co17); 
Sintered Samarium Cobalt magnets are inherently very brittle, conventional machining techniques cannot be processed. If machining is required, high concentration diamond grinding wheels must be used, and water or oil coolant is necessary. 
  The SmCo materials has better corrosion resistance than NdFeB materials; 
Working temperature scope:  SmCo5  -40- 2500C,      Sm2Co17   -40-3500C 
  The SmCo material have the lower magnetic flux loss than the NdFeB materials when operation temperature above about150℃; 
  SmCo5 magnet have (BH)max of about 18 MGOe (140 kJ/m3),has a reversible temperature coefficient of -0.05%/°C.; 

       Sm2Co17 magnet have (BH)max of 30 MGOe (240 kJ/m3),machinning processing of Sm2Co17 is very difficult, has the advantage of containing less Cobalt than SmCo5. Raw material costs are lower; 
  Sm2Co17 is also more corrosion resistant and more stable at very high temperatures. It has the best reversible temperature coefficient of all rare earth alloys, typically being -0.03%/°C.

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