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Strong NdFeb Magnet Magnetizing

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  How to magnetize the powerful NdFeb magnet? What are the common types of magnetizing methods for NdFeb magnets? What about the magnetic field? After some study, it also has a certain understanding of NdFeb.

  How does the NdFeb magnet magnetize?

  It is generally used to carry magnetic objects that are magnetically charged to the magnetic field formed by the coil of a direct current, which is to do the work through the magnetocharger.

  Small make up just in strong NdFeb magnet magnetization, manufacturers contact are still a little afraid magnetic power and electric magnetic, afraid to be electrocuted;the magnetization process is very short, the magnetization with metallic objects will be in the charger, the foot with a step, the magnetization will be finished so fast. 

  How many powerful magnets do you have?

  It is reported that the magnetic charging method of strong magnet is: the direction of thickness, axial and magnetic, axial and magnetic, inner circle radiation, radial and radiation and so on.

  The most important thing to pay attention to the direction of the magnetization, so it is very important to determine the magnetization direction of the magnet. The need is to put a magnetic NdFeb magnet in a place of 250 to 300 degrees or a magnet to slowly begin to demagnetize, and a half an hour or half an hour later the magnetic force can be retired.

  The following make up a few common nd-ti-boron powerful magnet manufacturers of strong magnet magnetization.

  Square magnet magnetization and direction


  Cylindrical Magnet Magnetizing Method


  Welded magnet type


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