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The bonded compression molded NdFeB magnets is suitable in the high magnetic field strength requests, the low mechanical strength request, the contour not complex domain In the magnet added some element to enhanced the temperature stability, its anti-temperature stability is good. The bonded compression molded NdFeB magnets are isotropic materials which do not require magnetic alignment of the powder during processing; In the isotropic magnet, its magnetism performance is highest. Normal working temperature is below 170°C. 
The bonded compression moulded NdFeb can be coated by epoxy in Black, Grey and blue. 
Then working temperature scope: -40-180 degree C 
As for its constructure and dimension, we can do once molding Height: maximum 50mm(ensure molding density and magnetic strength be in good consistency) Once molding wall thickness: minimum:0.35mm(ensure good physical strength) 
The bonded compression moulded NdFeb has More flexible magnetizing pattern than sintered NdFeB magnet, it can be done by Multi-poles on OD,ID & end face(along axial),radial, Diameter cross magnetization and other special magnetizing pattern

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