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ABM Magnetics Co., Ltd specialized in the manufacturing and providing engineering solution for Magnetic material and assembly. We insist on "People oriented, Resource optimizing, Value sharing, Agelong mana- gement” as our business philosophy. Most of our engineers worked in this field with more than ten years experiences are available here to provide customer more economical, quick and professional service. Followings are what we can do for you:

1. Supplying all kind of permanent magnets and magnetic components. 
2. Providing customer with the optimum solutions in magnetic field to help them saving cost. 
3. Effective quality assurance (TS/16949: five core tools(APQP,PPAP,FMEA,MASA and SPC) to ensure good quality. 
4. Providing complete stimulation and testing in order to ensure products’ reliability. 
5. Providing the economical&fast delivery service with our internal freight department.

 Along with the market development trend, permanent magnet gets more and more popularity in wide applications owing to many of its advantages such as optimizing space,keeping work reliability and saving energy. We are looking forward to be your stable partner which being needed and trusted!

Quality Assurance


ISO/TS16949(2002) Winner。
Pass strictly audit of many customers of Automobile fields—like DURA,EFC and so on We cooperate with many world Auto customer and develop together many magnets which are applied for high Auto field, like BMW, Audio and so on 

Quality depends on design (product design,process design and measurement system design)Quality depends on implement Quality Police Total quality management(TQM) Continuous improvement (CIP)

Quality assurance Process



 Plan (APQP)----Analyze( FMEA )-----Verify (PPAP,SPC,MSA) -----improve (DOE, Brain storm)------ Control (SPC,standardization )
For reliability requirement of Magnet(in automobile field)
Make stable flux density at certain point in space (good repeatability).
Small change of magnetic field under alteration with high temperature to low temperature each other (need to get the flux data after 24 hours under normal working temperature and compare with before experiment) 
Good physical strength make sure the magnet don’t break under alteration of cool to heat due to stress (heat impact experiment is must)
Higher corrosion resistant for coating(PCT Testing with loss weight testing is must)